Why Taza de Gracia?
Taza de Gracia (Spanish) means “Cup of Grace” (English) which was inspired by the opening line of the Hail Mary prayer, “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee…”

Why the Rosary?

Our mothers, both of whom are now deceased, were the initiators of and lifelong influences on our Catholic faith. We were particularly inspired by the connection we had with Felix’s mom, vibrantly praying the Rosary with her as she passed. It is a daily prayer devotion that we continue as a family after her passing which still connects us to her (and all of our love ones who have fallen asleep in the hope of the resurrection) in the most beautiful and mysterious way. Curating and devoting a line of thoughtfully delicious teas to the Rosary is simply a way we are showing our love to our mothers – which includes both of our earthly mothers and Our Blessed Mother.

Why Latin?

Yes, we know, Latin is a complex language. Neither of us grew up in families who spoke Latin. Neither of us studied it in high school (a fact which Lana laments). Some of our conjugation may not be exact (or even wildly off). So why would we bother naming our products in this way? While we may not be fluent (yet), as a multilingual family who speak and understand several of the “Latin languages,” we see the beauty and universality of Latin. Moreover, we are drawn to the connection it has to the roots of our Church which many Catholics still live out in their worship today. And as a homeschooling family who seeks to find “the true, the good, and the beautiful,” Latin is part of our daily life. We invite you to make it part of yours, even in this small way, to bring a little bit of beauty from a classical language into your routine.

Why tea, coffee, and botanicals?

Because we love them! And because we find the ritual in them to be a great way to connect the mind, body, and soul when done intentionally. Add a little prayer in there and with the help of the Holy Spirit you’ve got yourself a great cuppa something!

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