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About Us

Our Company

Inspired by the lives and legacies of our mothers, Taza de Gracia is a perpetual love letter back to each of those women who have in their passing from this life passed on tradition and faith to last eternity.

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The prayers of the rosary have been a lifeline for our family. We’ve clutched onto it in times of grief and struggle, gently meandered through it during times of peace, and recited it with song and glee during times of joy. Taza de Gracia – or, “cup of grace” – is our effort to live out our daily vocation as a family giving glory and thanks to the Lord. We honor Our Lady’s “fiat” (her “yes”) and openness to God and simply strive every day to inch toward the same.

We dedicate this mission and our lives to God. We work this plan under that patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, and all of the beautiful apparitions of Our Lady who have connected different cultures, different people, different places to the one and true God.

Our Team

Taza de Gracia is a project of Velez Ranch Productions LLC, a Catholic family business run by husband and wife team Felix and Lana Velez.

Felix & Lana Velez

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